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Complete the form below to invite us to your upcoming sporting event or to schedule a photo session with your pets or cars! Thank you for visiting and choosing Good Dog Photos. 

Willy and Melissa Harris

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After clicking submit, your request will be directly emailed to Willy. We will contact you within the next 24 hours to secure your date and finalize any details. Thanks for choosing Good Dog Photos!

 ** This schedule does not include district tournament dates as those will be determined as the seasons are finalized and seeding established. That being said I am happy to cover District games as they are very exciting games to be a part of.  * If there are dates that are not on this event schedule it could be that I am not aware of any dates on those days. If you are curious please shoot me a text (208-241-9867) or email ( and I will double check my schedule to see if I am available on the requested date. The dates above are only the confirmed dates from clients whom have already booked us to cover their games. 


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